The Latest Trends For Custom Awards

As time goes on, industries get more complicated, and trends pop up. Custom awards are no different. There are several trends for custom awards, and we wanted to share some of those with you today.

Timeless Vs. Trendy: What’s Best For Custom Awards?

You might be wondering about the debate between timeless vs. trendy awards. Should you create a simple trophy that you know will be timeless, or should you stick with what’s trendy?

Awards can have an impact that far outlasts the day it’s given to the award recipient. That impact lies in the initial experience they have with the custom award, though. Hopefully, your team will look back at the award fondly for years to come if you use a trendy or timeless design.

5 Trends For Custom Awards

Now that we understand timeless vs. trendy awards let’s get into five trends you can use to make your custom awards pop!

1. Play With Shapes, Materials, And Color

There seems to be a traditional award silhouette look and feel. Those types of trophies, plaques, and medals can get boring quickly. One of the best ways to get out of this rut is by utilizing different styles. Here are some examples:

 Instead of a traditional award silhouette, consider creating a unique shape that encapsulates your brand or logo. Check out our portfolio for some examples of this.

 Used mixed materials like acrylic and metal or glass and wood to make something unique for your team.

●Play with trendy colors like Pantone’s Color Of The Year to make awards stand out.

2. Build QR Codes Into Awards

QR codes are an enjoyable way to make a custom award even cooler. With QR codes, you can lead your employees or team members to an exciting recording of the company cheering them on or a personalized website where they can read praise from their team.

 QR codes can easily be engraved on awards and scanned with most smartphone cameras. It’s a simple way to go the extra mile for your team.

3. Celebrate Even The Strangest Wins

Custom awards used to be a bit stuffy. We’d celebrate things like Salesperson Of The Year, but we wouldn’t go much further than that. There are so many fun award ideas that are worth recognition. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when crafting your awards for the year

4. Make Awards A Branded Experience

In the past, companies clung to minimal awards with maybe a logo to showcase their brand. We can mix it up and use colors, logos, shapes, and so much more in unexpected ways. You can make truly unique awards that are perfect for your company, even on a budget.

 Think outside the box when it comes to making trophies and plaques for your business.

5. Add More Than A Name To Customize Awards

You can go beyond an employee’s name to customize their award. Consider adding a picture, engraving a line of praise from their manager, or adding their favorite quote. Make a bit of effort to assign award recipients early so you can take a bit more time crafting awards and making them perfect for the award recipient.

Conclusion: Use Trends To Create Fun Awards

Creating fun and trendy awards can make the awards experience ten times better for employees. So get out of your comfort zone and order a custom award that reflects the time and employees you are creating for. There is no need to be basic or dull, this award will become a part of your team’s story, and you want it to be a good one.

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