The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Custom Awards

For many organizations, ordering custom awards can feel like a hamster wheel. You are spinning in every direction, calling around, and still not getting the results you want. Finding a company that can manufacture and produce stellar awards isn’t easy. Most organizations slap your employee’s name on a generic trophy and call it custom. We all know that’s not what most organizations want.

Today, we are sharing the ultimate guide to ordering custom awards, so you know what to do every step of the way.

Consider Your Trophy Hopes And Dreams

Before you connect with any company, you should consider what your wildest trophy hopes and dreams are. Then, sketch out precisely what you are looking for and what an outstanding award would look like for your team.

As you are thinking about awards, you might want to consider what trophies or awards can be made of. At Levy Recognition, we can work with a variety of award types such as:





We can also make unique awards and recognition tokens like:





Connect Your Dream To Your Ideal Budget

Once you have your ideal custom awards sketched out, it’s time to think about how to link your perfect trophy with your actual budget. Now isn’t the time to get so trapped on the numbers, but we all typically know what number will be far too much for our company. So what does your awards budget look like? What is the maximum amount you can spend to make your awards dreams a reality?

Go Into Conversations With These Ideas In Mind

When working with potential companies, go into each conversation with your dreams and budget in mind. Who can help you get closest to your version of #TrophyGoals? You might need to call around to a few companies, and that’s okay.

Make sure to jot down notes after each session:

How did each company handle learning about your vision for the awards?

Were you able to hear any preliminary numbers on these calls?

What are the next steps from ordering from each company?

Ask To See A Portfolio

If their portfolio isn’t readily available online (you can see Levy Recognition’s portfolio on our website), ask to see samples of their work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a particular award or style you enjoy. Your sales representative should be able to answer any questions about portfolio items (or find someone who can.)

Looking at a portfolio is the perfect way to find out what each company is capable of. Portfolios are essential when you are dealing with a custom project like an award.

Work With Your Sales Representative And Design Team To Turn Your Sketches Into A Reality

After you pick a company you want to hire, work with your sales representative and their design team to make your sketches a reality. Your sales representative should be with you every step of the way, relaying information and helping you feel confident about your design decisions.

Conclusion: You Ordered A Custom Award

Custom awards are more than putting an employee name on a generic trophy. You have the opportunity to dream big and create showstopping awards for your team. Think outside the box and work with a vetted company to make your trophy dreams come true.

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