The Weekly Round Up

The Levy Weekly Roundup features a list of the best content and news in the industry to help you build stronger teams and culture. We've compiled some of our favorite reads to help you stay up to date and in the know on what is going on in workplaces around the world. 

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1. 6 considerations for Planning a Return to the Office (Even When You Don't Know Everything)

As states are beginning to open back up, some workplaces across the country will gradually prepare for returning to the office. This article lays out essential considerations to guide your plan for returning to the office.

2. Long Live Lunch: Why the Midday Pause Matter More Than Ever

Lunch breaks are good for more than just satisfying our hunger. It gives us a time to relax and gives our brains a break. Go take a walk on your break, rest, learn a new skill, or even cook something new!

3. Employers Boost Health, Well-Being and Leave Benefits

In response to COVID-19 employers are enhancing their healthcare, well-being and leave programs. Did you know that our employee engagement platform, Elevate, has a wellness module? It can help keep your team healthy, active, and safe!

4. Strategies for Addressing Common Workplace Complaints

Every company, even one with the best culture, is susceptible to these common complaints. This article has some great strategies for addressing them!

The Weekly Round Up