Three Reasons to Invest in Employee Recognition

Is employee recognition something that your company prioritizes daily or are employee achievements celebrated every now and then? Often, businesses struggle with knowing when and how to recognize their employees. Why limit employee recognition to just one day? Why not make recognition a continual thing throughout the year? Here are some reasons you should be investing in employee recognition every day.

Happier Employees

We’re humans and at times, human emotion can overwhelm us to a point that we feel dissatisfied with the things we are doing. Your employees take home the feelings that come out while they are in the workplace. Those feelings translate into their personal lives. These same feelings can influence an employee’s decision to stay with your company or leave to pursue a different opportunity.

You can mitigate the negative feelings by showing employees how much you value their work. When employees see that you appreciate their efforts, the feel good about what they do. This creates happier feelings in the workplace that translate into their personal lives. Taking time to demonstrate the measurable impact an employee has on your business can improve the overall attitude of workers and may even strengthen your retention numbers.

Respect for Leadership

You want your employees to have feelings of trust and respect for their superiors. Your employees want leaders they can connect with. You’d be surprised how much just saying thank you to your employees can do to improve relationships! Thanking your employees fosters an atmosphere of respect. In a study by Forbes Magazine, nearly 90% of employees who received recognition or thanks from their boss in the past month indicated higher levels of trust in that boss. Employees who trust their superiors are more willing to continue working hard.

Higher Profits

Engaged employees provide services with pride which can improve customer satisfaction. Numerous studies prove that employee engagement is a predictor of how employees deliver services and how their behavior, in turn, affects customer satisfaction. It’s simple- happier employees make happier customers.

Beyond creating a positive work environment, it’s important to recognize employees for a job well done. A rewards program where leadership recognizes top employees can foster camaraderie. Employees feel more connected to the workplace and pass those good feelings on to the customers they interact with every day. Customers reflect positively on their experience and continue to support and refer your business.


The benefits of showing appreciation are great, and the consequences of not doing so can be even more serious, for both your employees and your business. Download our Employee Recognition Packet to learn more about how recognition affects your company’s bottom line and what you can do to make improvements in your workplace today!

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