Top Ways to Surprise Your Employees

Employee loyalty and drive is at a low. Only 40 percent of workers in large firms have high commitment scores.

This needs to change. There are little things you can change around the daily workplace, and larger rewards you can offer to surprise your staff and help boost morale.

Remember the Details

You want your employees to feel as though they work for someone and something, and are not simple working for a company. You need to build a human connection. Remembering the little things about your employees makes each of them feel valued.

Celebrate birthdays in the office with a card from the company or with a cake from your department. Celebrate work anniversaries. If you can, allow your employees to bring their families with them to company events. Remember hobbies or topics your employees like to discuss away from their normal work.

Get to know your staff separately from their duties to your company. Their dedication to your company will increase as you become aware of their other obligations.

Let Them Go Home Early

It was one of your busiest weeks last week, your sales team excelled though, or it’s the Friday before a long weekend, or you just celebrated the company’s anniversary. Why not let your employees go home early?
Letting your employees go a couple hours before the end of the day (as paid time) can dramatically increase productivity. Knowing they have less time to complete assignments, but the company treasures their personal time as well, will push your employees to go that extra mile for you.

Share a Trophy

Design a custom trophy for your division. Every month pass the custom trophy around to a different employee who accomplished something the previous month or to someone who has a challenging month ahead of them. The sense of teamwork and shared accomplishment with the communal trophy will bring a sense of comradery to the team.

Celebrate Milestones

Creating a collective atmosphere where you are working together is important, but just as important is recognizing individual achievements. Nowadays reaching five years at a company is quite the accomplishment; those that reach ten and beyond should be fully celebrated.

Design a custom trophy for them that combine the company’s brand, as well as their style. Throw an office party for them, or a more formal affair to recognize their time and commitment.

Little gestures of recognition, combined with large celebrations, are nice surprises for your employees. Establish surprises to show you care. Create a happy workplace with tips from our FREE Handbook for Happy Employees!

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