Tricks to the Tradeshow Booth

At Levy Recognition, we specialize in helping businesses design branded merchandise for a variety of uses. Every aspect of your company should come together to create one coherent business image. We have the expertise and products to help businesses build a brand identity that potential customers and business partners won’t soon forget.

Being an exhibitor at a conference, tradeshow or business fair could open doors for your company to demonstrate its capabilities in front of event attendees and other businesses. As one of many exhibitors at these events, you will need to make your exhibitor booth stand out from the other booths surrounding you. The trick is to have a booth that looks exciting and appeals to the interests of potential customers. You want your booth to be an eye-catching area that shares your company’s story with booth visitors.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your company. It is the lifeblood that reminds customers of who you are and what you do. Streamlined logos, colors and fonts all work together to create an image that is both memorable and desirable. At the next conference or tradeshow event, let your brand be your story. Levy is here to help you bring your brand to life and help you tell the story of your company one tradeshow booth at a time.

Begin telling your company’s story with a unique look. Your company’s logo, slogan or tagline should be prominently displayed on the signage and branded merchandise around your booth. Use Levy products to make sure your branded merchandise incorporates high-quality images, easy-to-read fonts and beautiful colors. Capture the attention of event attendees by using branded merchandise that can be seen from every angle of the exhibit area. For a more personal touch, include interactive display items and colorful props that encourage booth visitor participation.

At Levy, we know your company’s story is about more than just an impressive display. It’s also about your people. Brand recognition extends beyond signage and booth décor. Having your staff dressed in the right clothing could help your booth be more noticeable. Polo shirts with the company logo help exhibit visitors associate staff members to your company. Shirts made in your company colors create a uniformed look that maintains a professional, but approachable image. Does your company boast a more casual spirit? Brightly colored t-shirts with company taglines or fun catchphrases keep staff comfortable and ready to meet new people while also sharing a bit of your company culture. Don’t forget that creative accessories and even costumes can incorporate your company’s brand. No matter what your company image, be sure to get your staff involved in how the story of your brand is told.

Another great way to attract visitors to your tradeshow booth is to offer promotional gifts. Everyone likes free stuff and promotional items create a lasting impression of your company even after the tradeshow or conference has ended. Common promotional items include notepads, pens, rulers, business card holders, coffee mugs or calendars. You can also choose from hundreds of unique items Levy is able to create. There are numerous options including cellphone cases, USB drives, umbrellas or tablet covers. These make great promotional gifts because they are easy to carry and remain useful over a long period of time. To really make an impact, consider a promotional gift that commemorates something specific about your company. Commemorative coins, buttons, lapel pins or other collectibles not only remind the recipient of your company, but help celebrate company milestones such as anniversaries or big achievements. Giveaways attract event attendees to your exhibit and give them something that continues to tell your company’s story long after the event has ended. This can have a huge impact on the brand’s awareness and reputation.

Levy Recognition has the branded merchandise you need to create stunning booth displays, branded promotional items, commemorative giveaways and more. Let us help you continue telling your company’s story through branded merchandise, custom wearables, and promotional gifts.

Our branding experts will make your company can stand out and make an impression at your next conference and tradeshow event.

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