We Are Now Levy Recognition

We measure success by the goals we set for ourselves and how we achieve those goals. When we reach a goal, we plan our next course of action, doing more to reach new successes every day. But what does it mean to do more?

When we seek to do more, we are pushing ourselves to reach higher than just the goals we’ve already set or achieved. We are going beyond our limits to exceed expectations and find success in accomplishing things we never thought imaginable.

Why do we do it? What is it about accomplishing our goals that makes us crave more?

We do it for the pat on the back, the congratulations, the moment where we get to hoist the winner’s cup, and the thumbs up we get from those who have supported us in achieving our goals; We do it for the recognition.

Once identified as Levy Marketing + Awards, our company has turned its focus and set goals to become a brand that is synonymous with what it means to give and receive recognition. We are ecstatic to announce that we will be rebranding as Levy Recognition in February 2019.

For more than 55 years, we have been a leader in designing and manufacturing custom awards and trophies. Our customers know us best for our services most used by several National Athletic Association (NCAA) conferences, collegiate institutions, Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and other professional sports organizations. While we continue to lead the industry in custom awards, we know that recognition is about so much more.

Levy Recognition offers a full range of recognition products designed to inspire employees, business partners, association members, athletes, and others to achieve greatness. We firmly believe that organizations, businesses, and athletic associations around the world can benefit from the customizable products and services we offer. Our solutions are designed to boost engagement, happiness, and inspire people to go beyond expectations and achieve their highest goals so that they might feel that indescribable feeling that comes from being recognized.

Our new brand aims to help us stand out as a leading developer of employee engagement programs and corporate recognition solutions provider. We are bringing corporate recognition programs into the modern era with solutions designed to resonate with every generation of worker. Recognition has become a staple in many industries as it relates to employee retention, workplace culture, and employee productivity.

“Employee recognition has become a substantial part of the services we offer. We realized this and took steps to rebrand ourselves. Because we know employee recognition service is not the same for every client, Levy Recognition does not offer a generic, pre-packaged service but instead develops award and recognition programs while working closely with the client to develop the program that most fits their company’s individual needs,” said our company owner, Michele Adams.

Our rebrand stresses the importance of employee engagement and focuses on developing recognition programs for corporations of any industry and size. The new Levy Recognition offers a new logo, new products, and unique brand positioning that celebrates the importance of recognition for all. Characterized by its subtle use of the thumbs-up symbol, the redesigned Levy Recognition logo brings a modern and approachable identity to the company.

We hope that new our brand focus makes the practice of giving recognition one that is encompassing, engaging, and empowering. It is our goal to bring inspiration to the workplace, the playing field, the theater, and any landscape where goals are being set, achieved, and celebrated. We want our products and services to be symbols of the hard work and dedication individuals and teams exhibit every day. As Levy Recognition, we want to be the driving force behind those who are doing more, reaching higher, and going beyond to succeed.

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