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To provide our clients with a superior awards experience we use our cutting-edge technology to streamline the ordering process of championship merchandise, awards, and even player gifts.


Imagine all your awards in one place all ordered through a quick and easy system.

Apparel & Merchandise

Make it simple for coaches, players, and families to order championship merchandise.

Gift Suites

Champions deserve great gifts. Custom online gift suites allow players to get exactly what they want.

Southeastern Conference Custom Family of Awards

Awards Ordering

To elevate our awards experience even more, we have created an online awards ordering system. Order any trophy from your family of awards quickly and easily. 


Championship Apparel

Merchandise stores are a great and simple way to promote championship apparel and other merchandise. Our streamlined approach makes it easy on you, the coaches, and families to order championship merchandise online.

Levy Recognition handles everything from the website development, order processing, and even inventory management. We also offer design services to design logos for shirts and other merchandise.

Build and create championship stores
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Player Gift Suites

Our platform allows for easy gift selection for players, vip's, staff, and whoever else needs rewarded! We create a catalog of carefully selected products based on what you are looking for. People can then login to the site and redeem their gifts for whatever they would like!

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