Employee Feedback

Develop Employee Performance

One of the best ways to engage employees is to provide them with a clear path to success. To do this you have to provide effective feedback. Our program's Employee Feedback module fosters effective feedback through a user-friendly interface.

Give your employees effective feedback to foster employee growth and development

Encourage and Grow Through Feedback

Employees and managers can give and request feedback from an individual or a group of colleagues. The feedback module allows users to select different skills they wish to give or receive feedback on, write additional comments, rate the feedback, and select actions for follow up to continue the employee feedback loop.

Provide feedback through the employee feedback loop
Use an online feedback to to facilitate one on ones

Master One-On-Ones

Provide and plan follow up after feedback is given. Employee feedback facilitates the discussion and keeps focused on the skills and action items that are most important. Improve performance by focusing on what they are doing well and what they could do even better.


Develop Employee Performance

Developing employee performance starts with effective feedback. By providing a continuous feedback loop, employees can understand where they are excelling and where they could be doing even better. Our program's employee feedback tool is backed by science to accelerate employee development.

Develop employee performance by giving consistent employee feedback

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