How to Build People Recognition

People make up your company, so let’s work together to ensure every level of your team feels recognized for their contributions.

Think about your own work. Don’t you like to feel appreciated and valued? Let’s guarantee your employees garner that same feeling with every work accomplishment.

Employee recognition should be an integral part of your company culture and your HR efforts; but how do you accomplish it? How do you easily offer recognition and allow every facet of your company to participate?

By building people recognition into your core.

You have quite a few options of how you choose to incorporate recognition. There are custom awards, medals and medallions, recognition programscustom service awards, custom sales awardsbranded merchandise, and solutions for your specific events. All of these should tie together to form a strong sense of gratitude.

No matter which method you choose, all forms of recognition have certain aspects in common.

Here’s our advice after 55 years in the recognition industry:

Celebrate victories, large or small.

Celebrating your first year with a company is an accomplishment just like celebrating 25 years. Recognize your employees for their achievements every chance you get. Engage with them and encourage them to interact with your brand.

Different accomplishments warrant different types of recognition from your peers and management. Recognition doesn’t need to be a custom-designed award every time an account executive aces an account, but implementing e-cards and email blasts acknowledging their efforts allow for quick, on-the-spot recognition.

Your employees are “on” all day, calming fires, gaining new clients, and expanding your services, you should return the excitement with recognition efforts that are always ready to thank them for their work.

From the top down

People leave managers, not companies. You’ve heard this adage, and we’re sure you understand the importance of melding every aspect of your organization. Though peer-to-peer engagement is important, your managers and executives set the example. Make your employees aware.

Your boss is important to your role at your company. By receiving recognition from the top management, it strengthens your resolve and imparts on you that your efforts are having an impact.

Since every individual on your team is an integral part, and you need every person to allow the well-oiled machine to work, let’s ensure every one of them realizes the importance of their role.

Every individual is integral to making things work.

Make it personal and fun. 

Recognition is another opportunity to celebrate your unique company culture. Do you have jokes inside your office? Or an office mascot? One client of ours named a section of their meeting “Shower Ideas,” after those brilliant moments that seem to come to you while you’re washing your hair. They partnered with us to design a shower award to present to their team members that had inspirational ideas.

Awards like those are more personal to your team’s atmosphere and relevant to their everyday life.

Tailor it.

Generic doesn’t work. It needs to not only be tailored to your overall company brand, but also the individual recipient. Listen to your employees and how they would like to receive recognition. Some people like to be noticed in the company-wide meeting, some prefer one-on-one recognition, some people like to go shopping, while others prefer branded merchandise. Recognition isn’t as effective if it’s not tailored to your employees.

After 55 years, we’re happy to say we’ve learned a thing or two about recognition; and we want to share our knowledge with you! We offer completely customized recognition platforms, so your efforts are tied to your brand and your people.

Partner with us to seamlessly create recognition efforts throughout your company. We tailor our approach to every client and their specific needs; because like you, we know recognition is not one-size-fits-all. Whether custom sales awards, perpetual plaques for display, safety programs, eCommerce store, or ecards are more your company’s style, we have the answers and the resources to create a one-of-a-kind gift for you.

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