Manufacturing Capabilities

Levy Recognition has been designing and manufacturing custom awards for more than 55 years. We have developed streamlined manufacturing processes that guarantee our clients receive a high quality product every time.

Custom award production is about more than just manufacturing and assembly. Every employee at Levy is part of the process. There are many elements to creating a custom award. From idea generation to concept development, production, and presenting our client with their finished product, each employee plays a role in creating symbols of hard work and recognition.

Our sales team and customer service representatives offer personalized service and are the very root of a custom award order. They take a tailored approach to each client, working with them to develop ideas and imagine what their custom award could look like. They help clients select materials that bring their ideas to life, while also staying within their budget. Once the ideas are gathered, our design team comes into play. Our designers use design tools, building materials, and several unique elements to create original award designs. Our client’s visions are brought to life through exceptional digital renderings.

Subprint Capabilities

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable our production staff to turn digital concepts into the finished product. A few of our in-house capabilities include:

Laser cutting and engraving techniques to build awards created from aluminum, steel, phenolic, glass, crystal, corian, marble and wood. Our engravers use a diamond tip cutter to ensure sharp and precise cuts.

The Sandblasting process is used to etch designs into an award’s surface. Numerous fine bits of sand are blasted at high velocity into the etched area to create deep, crisp cuts.

Direct color printing allows us to print high resolution, full color images directly onto the surface of an award. It’s ideal for printing on wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products and much more.

Direct Print Capabilities

Casting and plating is used to create medals, medallions, lapel pins and other medal elements for an award. The process involved pouring molten metal into a mold and using centripetal force to distribute the metal evenly into the various shapes of the mold. This process is also called spin casting.

Once all the elements of a custom award are created, it’s time for assembly. The pieces are brought together to bring the award to life. Our production managers oversee every step of the production and assembly process to assure that each award holds up to our accuracy and precision standards. Quality inspectors double and triple check every single award to make sure they are exactly what the client ordered.

Everyone at Levy Recognition is involved in the custom award manufacturing process. We work together as a team to bring your award concepts to life. Visit our manufacturing page to see more about our methods. Get to know our team and get a sneak peek into the process, check out our video, “This Is How We Do It.”

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