Wellness Practices to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

With a record 4.5 million Americans quitting their jobs in November amid the Great Resignation, employee satisfaction and engagement have never been more important. In such an ever-changing environment, companies are expected to take care of their employees to retain their top talent. Along with offering competitive benefits, implementing wellness initiatives can be an effective way to engage your team. Here are a few wellness practices to consider.
 Support Mental Health
The COVID-19 pandemic has put an increased focus on mental health both inside and outside of the workplace. According to a report from Mental Health America, 4 in 5 employees feel emotionally drained from their work, meaning it’s essential to take care of your team’s mental health to increase satisfaction and engagement in the workplace. Not only does mental health impact productivity, but creating a company culture that advocates for mental health can also help you retain your employees and attract new talent.
Here are some ways to support employee mental health:
      Promote a healthy work-life balance.
      Offer mental health days.
      Provide mental health resources.
      Offer a wellness stipend.
Whatever you choose to do, these practices can allow your team to unplug from work and focus on their personal needs.

Encourage Financial Wellness

Outside of work, your employees have many financial obligations that may cause them stress and anxiety. Whether it be student loan debt, affording a house, or saving for retirement, there are several money-related burdens that your employees may be facing.
While you can’t solve these problems for them, you can offer your team resources to improve their financial literacy which can help them create a better quality of life for themselves and feel more secure. Educating your employees on financial basics and more advanced practices like leveraging an equity loan to pay off high-interest debt or investing in the stock market can help them feel more confident in their money management skills. Providing these resources allows your team to use their paychecks to the fullest, which can reduce financial stress and make them more satisfied in the workplace. Not to mention, this also shows that you care about the well-being of your employees outside of the office. 

Recognize Your Employees

Employee recognition is often overlooked, but can have a huge impact on your team. A company is nothing without its people, and they deserve to be celebrated for their hard work. Especially with the uncertainty of today’s work environment, employee recognition is even more important amid the pandemic to maintain connection and satisfaction within your company. Making an effort to recognize your employees’ accomplishments can make them feel appreciated and valued, along with boosting team morale.
Recognition can come in many forms:
      Give employees a custom award or gift.
      Shout employees out in a meeting.
      Host a fun event.
      Cater lunch for your team.
      Offer extended breaks.
No matter how you recognize your employees, these actions can show that you value their contributions to your company and can increase their engagement and motivation to succeed.

Practice Mindfulness

Work can be hectic, which can cause your employees to feel stressed and burned out. While stressful situations in the workplace are often inevitable, you can help your employees cope by practicing mindfulness. Being mindful will allow your team to be more focused and present during the workday, which can result in increased engagement and productivity.
Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as focusing on one project at a time instead of multitasking, scheduling mental breaks throughout the day, or even hosting a company-wide meditation session. These habits can not only lead to improved concentration and mental clarity, but also increased emotional intelligence and better communication. Making mindfulness part of your company culture can also help your team destress and improve their mental well-being.


In such a competitive job market, employee satisfaction and engagement are crucial in both retaining and attracting top talent. Focusing on ways to support your team outside of the workplace will show that you value their well-being beyond their contributions to the company. Going the extra mile to care for your employees is something they’ll appreciate, and can help build trust and loyalty with your company.

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