Unify Your

Remote Workforce

Elevate gives HR teams, leaders, and managers the ability to analyze employee engagement, facilitate feedback, appreciate and reward, all the while developing their people. Transform the employee experience for your hard to reach employees to engage and communicate with them regardless of their location.


Elevate: The Employee Engagement Platform that Retains your Employees


Join the Conversation

Provide visibility into your organization through our social wall where recognition is displayed for everyone, no matter where they are at to see. Post company updates and news to keep everyone in the know. Boost employee engagement by allowing employees to interact with recognition and praise given to their peers through commenting and liking. 

Recognize employees on your companies own social wall
Give employees shout outs for their great work for everyone to see through an employee recognition software

Create a Community

Our employee recognition software, Elevateallows your people to quickly and easily recognize their peers. You can send video messages for a more personal touch, celebrate wins together, and connect even when employees aren't in the same place. One of our main goals with Elevate is to make every individual in your organization feel like they are a part of a community.


Facilitate Feedback

Whether a deal closed, a presentation was given, or a project completed, there is always an opportunity to provide valuable employee feedback. Providing feedback is a valuable learning tool that helps foster tangible growth in your people. Gone are the days where feedback is given once a year in an annual review. Employee feedback should be consistent and ongoing throughout an employee's journey with your organization. Feedback could be a manager giving feedback through an online tool or even through an employee feedback survey to see where your employees are at. All can be done through Elevate!

Give employees feedback so they can grow and develop
Visualize employee engagement with behavioral analytics

Align Your Workforce

No matter where your employees are located they should feel like they are aligned to your companies mission and a part of the community. Utilizing Elevate you can put your companies goals and values at the forefront and connect employees to a shared purpose.


Robust Technology to Transform Your Culture

Our state-of-the-art technology is a cloud-based SaaS enterprise featuring scalable options to suit your needs. It’s secure, multi-tenant capabilities, gamification features, SSO, AI, and desktop/mobile options make it an All-in-One solution to reinforcing the right workplace behaviors.

Robust employee engagement technology that helps retain and motivate employees


Recognize Your Employees


Recognize employees for 
achievements small and large.

Give your employees consistent feedback


Delivering meaningful and
consistent feedback.

Send out Employee Surveys to see how engaged your workforce is


Understand and connect with
employees through digital surveys.

Display employee recognition and updates for all your employees to see

Social Wall

Post and share gratitude and 
updates for peers to see.  

Inspire and motivate your employees to be healthy and make good choices


Motivating health videos and
challenges to improve wellness.

Give incentives for employees to refer candidates for job openings and promote hiring from within

Job Referral

Incentivize employees who
refer job candidates. 

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Small Business (25-500 People)

As Low As $ 2 .00

per user per month
Plus the cost of rewards

Mid-Size Business (501-5000 People)

As Low As $ 1 .17

per user per month
Plus the cost of rewards

Enterprises (5001+ People)


For Pricing 
Plus the cost of rewards

  A one time implementation fee and a monthly admin fee may apply