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Pay as you scale with our simple pricing per employee.


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What You'll Get

Social Wall

Post and share relevant updates, 
recognition, and news.

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Rewards and Recognition

Give and receive memorable rewards,
awards and incentives.

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Measure engagement by creating
surveys to create your own analytics.

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Enhance on-the-job skills and 
development through feedback.

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Create a healthy workplace with 
motivating health videos and challenges.

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Job Referral

Incentivize employees for referring 
top talent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Company team

How Much Do Rewards Cost?

You set your own rewards budget. We provide you with example guidelines on how to set this up, but ultimately you can set whatever budget you would like. For tax purposes, we recommend keeping it under $400 per employee per year.

Company team

Are There Any Add Ons To Pay For?

Nope! Everything is included. That's right, Everything! You can turn all our modules on and off as you please, customizing your program to fit your needs at no extra cost. Our pricing just depends on the number of employees.

Company team

What Kinds of Integrations Are Available?

Elevate has an open API so we can integrate with all the top HR software that your company uses. 

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Can I See a Demo of Elevate?

We would love to talk with you and show you how Elevate works. Contact us and we will set up a time to sit down with you and your team and show you how Elevate can benefit your culture!

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